Living Quality Management in daily practice is an important success factor for all organisations. Essential elements can be ISO 9000ff or ISO/TS 16949 certifications of the quality management system. We turn our experience in more than 400 quality management projects supported by QMS into your advantage: your customers will recognize your efforts!

QMS experts provide professional and sustainable support for:

Integrated Management System (IMS)

How many management systems can an organisation bear? The answer is: Not more than One.
Therefore QMS Excellence Services supports the installation of integrated management systems for the whole organisation, which incorporates all necessary and reasonable systems.

ISO 9001_4

Still the basic quality management system for all kinds of organisations.

QMS Excellence Services supports the design and implementation of down-to-earth quality management systems, tailored to your organisation.

ISO/TS 16949

ISO/TS 16949 is the worldwide norm for quality management systems in the automotive industry. It combines ISO 9001 with additional norm specific requirements for the use of quality methods and customer specific requirements of OEMs.
QMS Excellence Services supports with:

  • Training of leaders and employees
  • Development of know-how for methods and tools
  • Deployment and Implementation of new approaches
  • Identification of waste in structures and processes
  • Development and implementation of key performance measurement systems
  • Lean and pragmatic documentations
  • Supplier audits and operative development of suppliers

ISO 13485

Quality management for producers and suppliers of medical products. The fulfilment of this norm is a mandatory requirement for the declaration of conformity for medical products to correspond with EG-guideline 93/42 and national medial product laws respectively.

QMS Excellence Services supports the fulfillment of additional requirements, which normally are applied as GMP-guidelines (Good Manufacturing Practice) for the production of medical products.

ISO 17025

ISO 17025 is the international norm for the accreditation for test laboratories. For a successful accreditation, applicants need to demonstrate the laboratory's management system and also individual methods in a competent way.

QMS Excellence Services supports the development and documentation of the management system and the deployment of norm conforming or specific methods, training of auditors, development of tools for gaining measurement inaccuracies and other key metrics, as well as intern and extern audits.

Process management

Organisations are networks of processes:
The core of organisations are processes which create the actual added value. These are controlled  by leadership or management processes and enabled by a multitude of support processes. Processes should be transparent, lean and robust.

QMS Excellence Services introduces pragmatic, efficient and target oriented process management, including supply chain management or supplier integration beyond organisational boundaries.

QM tools

QM tools are quality and management tools, creativity techniques and methods from product development processes, like FMEA, DFMAS, TRIZ, QFD, PLP, SPC, 8-D-report, inter alia for operating KVP and problem solution processes in a structured and systematic way.

For the sound implementation QMS Excellence Services offers in-house trainings for groups of topics and single techniques and methods. Already in the training, the participants use the tools to solve their own tasks.

VDA volumes

In the VDA volumes the relevant methods and approaches for line production in the automotive industry and their deployment are described.

QMS Excellence Services offers organisation specific, implementation oriented trainings for single topics or combinations of them. The trainings are based on real organisational challenges.

Six Sigma / Lean Management

Lean Six Sigma, the combination of Six Sigma and Lean Management, uses the DMAIC (Design - Measure - Analyze - Improve - Control) approach to improve processes and their results in a sustainable way, or Design for Six Sigma for implementing new processes on a zero error level. All projects are aimed to achieve significant cost reductions.

QMS Excellence Services makes existing processes measurable and helps to improve them in a sustainable way.
The achievement of the planned net benefit is secured.

CE label

The CE label allows producers to display and sell their products without any additional checks in all other countries of the EEA.
A common safety standard for development / construction and production of products is maintained.

QMS Excellence Services supports the preparation of a self-dependant CE labeling.